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Quality & Compliance

Quality Standards

All the supplies are carefully checked with in house testing facility and full traceability is Maintained , all the supplies are certified.

There exist an system of proper labeling all materials for size , grades , ok , not ok or hold materials.

We are committed to customer satisfaction through performance excellence. To achieve our vision, we must continuously improve the quality of all products and services that we provide to our customers.

We are committed to doing so by using our most important resource (our employees at every level) to understand and continuously improve our processes. The management team is focused on providing the company with the best tools possible to succeed

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Quality Standards

Client Satisfaction

We are a family owned business established in year 2004. Over the years all partners and employees have put in great efforts to attain excellent reputation and credibility with customers and suppliers in India as well as abroad.

We are committed to supply high quality strips to our customers and provide top service,

Over the time we have partnered with premium steel suppliers in India as well as abroad to ensure high quality strips are supplied at required time.

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Client Satisfaction

Testing Facilities


Cold Rolled Strip is a steel product that is produced from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled. The coil is then reduced by a single stand cold roll steel mill straight away or reversing mill or in a tandem mill consisting of several single stands in a series. The strip is reduced to approximately final thickness by cold-rolling directly, or with the inclusion of an annealing operation at some intermediate thickness to facilitate further cold reduction or to obtain mechanical properties desired in the finished product. High carbon strip steel requires additional annealing and cold reduction operations.[4] The coil is then slit to the desired width through the process of roll slitting.


Spring steel is a name given to a wide range of steels[1] used in the manufacture of springs, prominently in automotive and industrial suspension applications. These steels are generally low-alloy manganese, medium-carbon steel or steel with a very high yield strength. This allows objects made of spring steel to return to their original shape despite significant deflection or twisting


This strip is polished after hardening and tempering and them chemically blued

Brittleness resulting from pickling of steel in acid, hydrogen formed by interaction of iron and acid is absorbed and causes brittleness. Aluminum Killed Steel A Steel where aluminum is used as a deoxidizing agent

A steel where aluminum has been used as a deoxidizing agent. (See killed steel.)

A heating and cooling operation implying usually a relatively slow cooling. Annealing is a comprehensive term. The purpose of such a heat treatment may be : to remove stresses; to induce softness; to alter ductility; toughness; electrical magnetic, or other physical properties; to refine the crystalline structure; to remove gases; to produce a definite micro –structure. In annealing, the temperature of the operation and the rate of cooling depend upon the material being heat treated and the purpose of the treatment.


Annealing is a heat treatment that alters the physical and sometimes chemical properties of a material to increase its ductility and reduce its hardness, making it more workable. It involves heating a material above its Recrystallization temperature, maintaining a suitable temperature for a suitable amount of time, and then cooling.
In annealing, atoms migrate in the crystal lattice and the number of dislocations decreases, leading to a change in ductility and hardness. As the material cools it recrystallize. For many alloys, including carbon steel, the crystal grain size and phase composition, which ultimately determine the material properties, are dependent on the heating rate and cooling rate. Hot working or cold working after the annealing process alter the metal structure, so further heat treatments may be used to achieve the properties required. With knowledge of the composition and phase diagram, heat treatment can be used to adjust from harder and more brittle to softer and more ductile.




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Testing Facilities

Commitment To Quality

Bombay Sales Corporation Is Committed To Quality. We Ensure That The Products And Services We Provide Meet Or Exceed Our Customer's Expectations. We Comply With Industry Best Practices And Continually Improve The Effectiveness Of Our Quality Management System, Delivering Customized Solutions To Our Clients In Information Technology, Engineering Support, And Geospatial Sectors.

At Bombay Sales Corporation, We Follow A Systematic And Disciplined Approach To Every Project We Undertake, Helping Our Clients To Benefit From Our Expertise. Fully Understanding Our Client's Requirements Is Of Primary Importance. Unmatched Operational Excellence, Together With Our Ability To Deliver High-Quality Products And Services To Our Clients.

Although We Have Over Twenty Years Of Experience In Providing High Quality Services And Products To Our Clients From Diversified Industry Sectors, We Are Continuously Striving To Incorporate Process Improvements.

Our Goal To Is Continue Process Improvement Initiatives While Maintaining The Highest Quality Of Operational Excellence.


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Commitment To Quality

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